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14 Sept 2023

The Breakthrough Hiring Show on LinkedIn: Listen to host James Mackey and his guest Sandeep Bhadra, General Partner at Vertex Ventures, as they explore the crucial subject of hiring top-notch leadership talent.

James and Sandeep share their expertise on various aspects of leadership hiring, common pitfalls to avoid when evaluating leadership talent, and the importance of operational roles in the hiring process. Learn about the relevance of having a well-structured onboarding process and the value of an annual operating plan for sustainable growth.

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13 Sept 2023

Founder vs. Investor: The Most Unique Relationship in Capital Markets

The relationship between founders & VCs is one of the most unique relationships in capital markets. Chase interviewed Elizabeth Joy Zalman & Jerry Neumann about their new book, “Founder vs. Investor: The Honest Truth About Venture Capital from Startup to IPO.” Chase shares three takeaways from the book for founders and investors alike.

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28 Aug 2023

Coming to America - Is it still worth it?

Insik Rhee recently gave a talk in Korea on the topic of what it takes for a startup to be globally successful. In preparing for the conference, I interviewed a handful of founders who have either successfully built and exited cross-border companies, or are currently operating cross-border to learn about the benefits and challenges encountered during their journey.

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