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Markets are won on the field

It’s not the best products that win markets but the best go-to-market (GTM) execution. Finding product market fit is a necessary but not sufficient condition. Winning depends on outperforming competitors in the field. We work with our founders on designing and implementing the optimal GTM motion. This begins with assembling a strong team and defining sales process, product marketing, and growth tactics.

Exceptional teams build exceptional companies

Companies are people working toward a shared objective. If the objective is correct, the odds of achieving it improve with talented and compounding teams. We help founders hire the right people at the right time. This includes understanding what “exceptional” means in every functional area, learning how to manage effectively, and evolving as a leader at every stage.

Avoid unforced errors

There is no sense in repeating the mistakes made by those who came before you. Great founders accelerate learning from the experiences of others, adapting relevant insights and applying their own intuitions. We bring to bear our decades of experience as founders and company-builders to help you minimize unforced errors.

Supporting founders
"The VVUS team feels more like close partners than passive investors, and their impact is evident. They’ve helped recruit some of the most most impactful go-to-market talent and have coached us through good times and hard decisions. They aren't afraid to ask the hard questions, and they help us see our blindspots. They’ve set the bar for a great investor and are always a call or text away."
Jerry Ting, CEO & Co-founder of Evisort
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Our Global Network

Vertex US is part of the global network of venture capital funds.

In addition to the U.S., the Vertex Global Network is comprised of affiliates in Israel, China, Southeast Asia and India. Leveraging the combined experience and resources of our extensive partner network enables our portfolio companies to realize their full potential.

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