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Who we are:

Vertex Ventures US (VVUS) is a venture capital firm who makes high-conviction Seed/Series A investments in SaaS and infrastructure software startups. We invest in only a few new companies each year, allowing us to concentrate our time and capital on a small portfolio. Our initial check sizes range from $500K to $10M, and we continue to support companies as they scale.

Who we back:

Having been founders and operators ourselves, we are inspired by practitioners — entrepreneurs with deep technical or market experience across software infrastructure, SaaS, data, developer tools, security, and fintech.

How we help:

We have the experience, resources, focus, and network for the early-stage journey. Even though one or two of us might be your closest confidantes at VVUS, the benefit of our partnership is that we help you build your company and improve your odds of success -- be it in the form of potential hires, customers, or business partners.

Lead or Co-lead

Seed & Series A

Check sizes

$500k - $10M


Personalized Talent Programs

The success of any company depends exclusively on having the right people.

We help bring in great talent — from your first Account Executive to a Chief Revenue Officer — and we help implement strategies to retain great talent by building a healthy and inclusive culture.

Our industry-wide best practices are tailored based on a founder's individual needs and a company's ethos, thus establishing a strong foundation as you grow.

Support beyond capital through our platform

VVUS is an upstart venture capital team in a world filled with staid, stalwart funds. Phone calls, dinners, webinars, you name it. We give you the support, network, and resources so you can focus on building your company, your idea, and your team.

From hiring your first account executive to helping win customers, we’re partners along your entire journey.

No BS transparency

Our founders appreciate our no BS approach to coaching and counseling.

Whether we’re two days into our partnership or two years, we’ll tell you what we think. We tell you why we’re excited, where there’s risk, where there’s potential, and where we need to pivot.

Ultimately, we’re not telling you what to do. It’s up to you to take the driver's seat, make those decisions, and grow from a technologist to a visionary leader.

Our Companies


“The VVUS team feels more like close partners than passive investors, and their impact is evident. They’ve helped recruit some of the most most impactful go-to-market talent and have coached us through good times and hard decisions. They aren't afraid to ask the hard questions, and they help us see our blindspots. They’ve set the bar for a great investor and are always a call or text away.”

  • Jerry Ting, CEO & Co-founder of Evisort

Meet our team

Say hello to team Vertex (or VVUS). Our experiences as founders of companies like GlobalCenter & Opsware, and in the crucible of scaling products at Facebook (Meta) and Walmart shaped who we are. Today we work for you, not the other way around.

Our Fellows

The Vertex Fellows are some of technology's brightest minds. They've built category-defining companies and navigated turbulent markets multiple times.

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Vertex Ventures US was created to empower high-principled founders to innovate and disrupt. The quiet visionaries creating foundational B2B software will change the way people use technology—making  the world a little better, safer, and easier. We get up in the morning to champion them. 

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