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Jonathan Heiliger

Jonathan has a unique and unparalleled track record as an early-stage technology investor, entrepreneur and rebellious executive. In 2015, he started boutique venture firm VVUS, previously led Facebook’s infrastructure as the user population grew to nearly 1 billion users, was COO of Opsware, and founded his first successful company before age 20. Simultaneously, Jonathan advised high growth companies such as Cloudera, Dropbox & Square. He’s an early backer of like-minded entrepreneurs in CloseFactor, DesktopMetal, Higharc, LaunchDarkly, HUMAN (prev. PerimeterX), Metaview, OpsLevel and Very Good Security, and serves as chairman of Webmonsters.

Investing in…

Jonathan is currently interested in meeting and investing in founders who focus new systems for scaling infrastructure & DevOps teams, SaaS that creates time for knowledge workers in HR and sales, and b2b real estate tech.  His founders are determined, go against-the-train, and passionate about solving hard problems with technology.


Road cycling, being outdoors and spending time with his wife and German Shepard Oreo, and serving on the board of the Exploratorium Museum of Science, art, and Human Perception.

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